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How can I help?

Attending Court can be a stressful time.

Aside from the concerns about the likely outcome of any proceedings, there are also the practical concerns about where to go, and who to see.

Many matters in the Local Court can be dealt with by the person representing themselves, without the added expense of paying $1000s to have someone tell the Magistrate your side of what happened. Many Local Courts have procedures like presenting to the Registration Desk or speaking to the 'DVLO' before you can mention your matter. Individuals representing themselves may not know these procedures and can spend time waiting in the wrong place or having their matter missed because the Court Officer did not know they had attended.

There can also be technical components of your matter, that only a lawyer will know. I have witnessed people attending Court anxious they would be sent to gaol for offences at times where the Magistrate could only impose a fine; people pleading guilty when they had a valid and lawful defense to the charge; or running a hearing where their 'defense' was something a Magistrate can not take into account.

In attending Court, it is important that you can have an understanding of whether to plead guilty or not guilty; the process to follow at any court appearance and the likely penalty on sentence.

My role is to get you the most appropriate outcome for you, and often, that can occur without the expense of having me attend Court. I can advice you how to obtain the relevant documents and supporting materials, let you know the maximum penalties available and likely outcome. Contacting me is not a commitment to have me attend Court for you.

All fees are explained ahead of time and you are given an estimate of what to expect. For a modest fee, I can read the papers Police gave you and advise you of the processes, explain the charges and a range of expected outcome. This can then allow you to represent yourself, confident of the available penalties and the processes you need to navigate.

I can also be your advocate at Court, and be the one who 'does all the talking' to assist you through this difficult time. I have been appearing in Courts in New South Wales for over 15 years, and have good working relationships with Court Staff, Prosecutors and other lawyers. Magistrates and Judges recognise that I am pragmatic and serve my clients in seeking to achieve the appropriate outcome: not simply making legal arguments to make things difficult. You do not need to attend Court three times when a well-prepared single appearance will get the same outcome.

I understand that often people make too much money to be elgible for Legal Aid, but too little to afford to spend $10,000s on Court fees. I have the flexbility to assist you in the most appropriate way, without it being all about the $$.  

Please contact me if you think I can be of assistance.

0438 258 929

PO Box 802


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